We are Looking for Experts to Conduct Training on Social Entrepreneurship and Social Impact Measurement


The gGmbH IBB in Dortmund is looking for trainers to conduct one two-day long event for mentors of social entrepreneurs from Georgia, Belarus, and Ukraine in Tbilisi within the framework of the EU funded project “GreenHouse for Social Innovators”. The commercial proposals to be sent to the no later than 20 December 2023 at this email address: elova@ibb-do.de.Please, indicate: “Tender. Training on social entrepreneurship” in the subject of your letter.

1.1 Background of the Project

The overall objective of the project “GreenHouse for Social Innovators” is to foster active participation of youth in the labour markets and social economy of Georgia, Belarus, and Ukraine and contribute to sustainable and smart growth, social cohesion and reduction of inequalities in the EaP societies.The specific objective of the project is to strengthen local young social entrepreneurs' and trainers’ communities in Georgia, Belarus, and Ukraine via launching and running an Acceleration programme with a special focus on sustainable green and digital social business models and international exchange.The project will start with the development and implementation of a training programme for future mentors (ToT). The idea behind this component is to create a pool of trainers who will be able to provide advice, mentoring and training to help social and green start-ups to develop in a more sustainable way from different perspectives - to make their projects financially stable on the markets they operate, to preserve and increase social and environmental impact through business process optimization, introduction of new technologies, digital and green solutions, better planning and managing the desired positive effects.  In total 45 trainers from three countries will be prepared during two separate one-week long sessions each in Georgia.


The participants will be given information on:

 •            key elements of social entrepreneurship and best examples of social enterprises from the EU and EaP; various approaches to social impact measurement;

•            8k methodology to diagnose small and medium-sized enterprises;

•            coaching and mentoring competences;

•            business-models of cleantech and basics of green transition for SMEs;

•            digital tools for business development.

New topics that have been added to the ToT agenda to those stated in the concept note because of their relevance to the participation in the project of representatives from Belarus and Ukraine, are:

•          mediation and conflict management.

2. Description of the assignment

2.1. Main Objective

The main objective of the assignment is to design, develop and conduct a training for trainers on the developments in the area of social entrepreneurship and social impact measurement/ management for the representatives of business communities of Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine who will be selected to become project mentors for social entrepreneurs in respective countries. The training should cover: the overview of the social economy, the introduction to the ecosystem of social entrepreneurship, the main criteria for social entrepreneurs/enterprises, different models of social enterprises, the main trends in social entrepreneurship in the world, the EU and the Eastern Partnership Region (negotiable), social impact and social impact measurement and management approaches. 2.2. Specific objectives and the scope of workBy beginning of December 2023, a two day long offline training session agenda in Georgia for 50 social startup mentors and supporting materials will be developed.

2.2 Target group

Around 50 young business professionals, and business-trainers/consultants, business owners, men and women, at the age of 18-35 years from different regions of Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine, as well as representatives of recently relocated companies from Ukraine and Belarus, having successful businesses and genuine interest to become mentors for social startups. These people will be selected through an open call for applications using professional networks of three project partners in Belarus, Ukraine, and Georgia, as well as in the countries that hosted many political and war refugees from Ukraine and Belarus - such as Poland, Lithuania and Moldova. As for Georgian trainers, more focus will be given to those professionals who currently reside in the country.

2.3 Responsibilities:

  1. Develop 2-day offline practicum training course for business trainers on social entrepreneurship, social impact measurement and management by December 15, 2023;

  2. Conduct 2-day offline practicum training for around 50 business trainers in the period of January 18-19, 2024. The list of pre-selected trainers will be provided by the Project Coordinator.

  3. Prepare report and recommendations upon the results of training

Deliverables:Deliverable 1: training materials.Deliverable 2: conduct of the training andreport with the recommendations.Deliverable 3:assessment of the trainer’s progress with regards to obtained skills 


  • Promoting social entrepreneurship

  • Developing incubation and acceleration programmes for social entrepreneurs

  • Social impact measurement

  • Social impact planning and management 

Languages: English (C1), knowledge of other languages of the project, such as Ukrainian, Belarusian, Georgian is considered an asset.


  • Knowledge of social entrepreneurship landscape in the EU and in the world;

  • Working with different social enterprises, social start-ups;

  • Knowledge of regional realities of social entrepreneurs;

  • Knowledge of different methodologies of social impact measurement;

  • Motivation and ability to transfer expertise in the area of social impact planning and management to counterparts from Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine.

 2.5. Indicative Time-Table and Assignment Summary 

Project title:

«GreenHouse for Social Innovators”

(Acceleration Programme for Young Social Entrepreneurs)

Short title of assignment

Training on Social Entrepreneurship and Social Impact Measurement/Management

Duty station(s):

Georgia (Tbilisi)

Contract type:

Service Contract

Duration of Contract:

3 months

Dates of Conduct of the offline session

January 18 -19 (the dates can be changed upon mutual agreement)

Languages Required:

English (C1)

Reports to:

Oksana Elova, Project Team Leader


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