One of the key approaches of IBB Dortmund over the years has been the creation and development of intersectoral dialogue platforms at the local, regional and national levels. The main brands as dialogue platforms for cross-sectoral and international exchange were the “Sustainable Development Weeks” and the “Republican Social Forum”, as well as the “Social Business Forum” and the “Decent Longevity Forum”.

Sustainability Weeks

Weeks of sustainable development are traditionally held with the assistance of the Belarus Support Program in partnership with government agencies, international and public organizations. Successful sustainable development practices are demonstrated at venues in all regions of the country.

Republican Social Forum

The Republican Social Forum is an event during which government bodies and organizations operating in the social sphere, based on their experience, jointly discuss the possibilities and ways of solving urgent socially significant problems of society.

Social Business Forum

The Social Business Forum is a place to share best practices in the field of social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility, as well as discuss ways for businesses to participate in solving social and environmental problems.

Decent Longevity Forum

The Decent Longevity Forum is an international platform for discussion, exchange of experience and opinions of experts, practitioners and the community on topical issues related to older people in order to find solutions and opportunities for the well-being of everyone.
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