Circular Economy Development Project

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The project "Capacity Building for the Development of Circular Economy in the Regions of Belarus" was implemented during 2019-2020.

The main objective of the project was to scientifically analyze and identify opportunities to reduce the dependence of economic growth on the consumption of primary resources and materials, the project participants went through the creation of value within closed cycles using the example of pilot regions - Brest and Mogilev regions. Another important task was to increase professional competence in developing strategies for sustainable structural transformation in the context of a circular economy. In parallel, a toolkit was developed to assess the potential of regional development and the formation of regional development strategies, and an integrated intersectoral and interdepartmental approach was promoted in planning the development of a circular economy.

At the first stage of the project, the emphasis was on research and analysis of the situation, the second stage included the development of recommendations and their adaptation in practice. The bio-based packaging industry and the textile sector were selected as pilot topics in the SWOT analysis. As a result of the work, a concept of methodological recommendations was developed for the development of regional programs on the circular economy, a program for the development of the circular economy of the Brest region for 2021-2025. and a plan for the transition to a circular economy in the Mogilev region.

Some results of the project have been published and are available on our website:

  • SWOT-analysis of the current situation of the development of the circular economy in Belarus with a focus on the Brest region
  • Analysis of biological raw materials for the packaging industry in Belarus
  • Manual on circular economy as a planning approach with integration of all project components
  • Guide on sustainable organization of events for promoting the principles of the Circular Economy
  • Overview on sustainable textile consumption and production in Belarus
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