Call for Trainers on AI Instruments for Small and Micro Enterprises


The EU-funded project “GreenHouse for Social Innovators” is looking for an organisation or expert to conduct practically oriented training on AI solutions for micro and small enterprises.

All interested organisations or experts should submit their commercial proposals to the following email address: no later than 28 April 2024. Please, indicate “AI solutions Training” in the subject line of your letter. Please see a detailed description below. 

1. Description of the assignment

1.1. Main Objective

The main objective of the assignment is to design, develop and conduct practically oriented training for trainers on AI solutions for micro and small enterprises for 50 representatives of business communities of Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine.

1.2. Specific objectives and the scope of work

a. Develop and conduct two-day long face-to-face training on 08-09 June 2024 in Tbilisi, Georgia for 50 social startup mentors on AI instruments for small and medium businesses (training target group)

b. Develop easy applicable hand-out training materials for the training participants.

1.3 Target group

50 business professionals, and business-trainers/consultants, business owners from different regions of Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine, as well as representatives of recently relocated companies from Ukraine.

 1.4 Responsibilities:

  1. Conduct 2-day face-to-face interactive training-practicum (that would include active group work and exercises for the audience) for business trainers on:  
  • How AI tools work and what they can (and can’t) do
  • Which tools can be used by micro and small enterprises to be more productive in the day-to-day business work
  • How micro and small enterprises can use GPT Chat


  1. Prepare easy-to-use training materials
  2. Prepare report and recommendations on the results of the training



  1. Deliverable 1: training session
  2. Deliverable 2: handout materials
  3. Deliverable 3: training report



 2.1. Experience in:
  • Direct experience in training roles or facilitations and/or delivering group corporate training on Digital Solutions for Business at least 2 years and with limited resources;
  • Prior experience in Business Digital Solution implementation as a Project Leader (responsible for managing customer strategies) and ability to transfer expertise in the area of effective business development for Social Enterprises in Georgia, Belarus, and Ukraine;
  • Proven experience in modern training techniques that are relevant to group training audiences:  Group facilitation, Video Training, Coaching, Case studies, Blended learning, eLearning, etc and experience of at least 2 years;
  • Proven experience in training content development is a plus

 Languages: English (C1), or Belarusian (C1), Ukrainian (C1), Georgian (C1)

 2.2 Qualifications and Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business management or a related field
  • Вegree in Training and Development or Education with a focus on Adult Learning  is a plus
  • Group training and additional learning is a plus
  • Strong presentation skills to engage an audience;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • Ability to effectively work with various organizations, management levels, cultures, and personalities. 

2.3. Indicative Time-Table and Assignment Summary 

Project title:

“GreenHouse for Social Innovators”

Short title of assignment

AI solutions for SMEs

Duty station(s):

Georgia (Tbilisi)

Contract type:

Service Contract

Duration of Contract:

5 months

Dates of Conduct of the offline session

June 8 –9, 2024

Languages Required:

English (C1) or Belarusian (C1), Georgian (C1) Ukrainian (C1)

Reports to:

Oksana Elova, Project Team Leader



The payment schedule under this Contract will be agreed upon after negotiations

4. Background of the Project

The overall objective of the project “GreenHouse for Social Innovators” is to foster active participation of youth in the labour markets and social economy of Georgia, Belarus, and Ukraine and contribute to sustainable and smart growth, social cohesion and reduction of inequalities in the EaP societies.

The specific objective of the project is to strengthen local young social entrepreneurs' and trainers’ communities in Georgia, Belarus, and Ukraine via launching and running an Acceleration programme with a special focus on sustainable green and digital social business models and international exchange.

The project has started with the development and implementation of a training programme for future mentors (ToT). The idea behind this component is to create a pool of trainers who will be able to provide advice, mentoring and training to help social and green start-ups to develop in a more sustainable way from different perspectives - to make their projects financially stable on the markets they operate, to preserve and increase social and environmental impact through business process optimization, introduction of new technologies, digital and green solutions, better planning and managing the desired positive effects. 

In total 45 trainers from three countries will be trained during two separate one-week long sessions in Georgia. Georgia is selected to host the offline activities for the reason of being neutral and safe for all participating partners and representatives of target groups.

The project is implemented by GgmbH IBB in Dortmund in partnership with the Georgian Heritage Crafts Association (Georgia) and a non-profit organisation "Ukraine without Waste" (Ukraine) and is co-funded by the European Union. 

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